The Rawönes

1-2-3-4 punkrock !

Filled with grief, some die-hard Ramones fans saw disappear 75% of their heroes to eternity.

These fans, later on united in the band: THE RAWÖNES, could not bear the loss of their favourite band and decided to keep them alive by starting a tributeband.


THE RAMONES, set up in Queens, New York in 1974 were no more than a bunch of hang-around guys wrapped in leather jackets, sniffin’ glue and idling their time away by listening to the Beatles, the Stooges and The Beach Boys.

Soon they became synonym for punkrock !

Unless the fact that they were not the best musicians, they changed rock’n’roll profoundly, being utmost creative with their limited abilities.

Motörhead, Pearl jam, The Foo fighters, Green Day and many more surely have to confess they found inspiration in their music.


THE RAWÖNES , proudly, not only give you the audible part of THE RAMONES but also get as close as they can to the looks of THE RAMONES !

THE RAWÖNES present you a set, full of energy and drag you back to the mid 70’s of  New York. They did up to now, far over a 100 shows in Belgium and abroad with the sparkling magic to fulfill the needs of the generation of those who were lucky to have seen THE RAMONES live, and wish to keep on enjoying it, but also to make a contribution to a new generation of kids who never had the chance to see  THE RAMONES performing.

Website: https://www.ramonestributeband.be/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100063653465776